“I have always been hesitant to accept counseling as an option for managing my anxiety. I had fears of opening myself up to criticism for all of the mistakes I have made in my life. At People to People Counseling Services, I discovered my fears were unfounded. Instead of criticism, I found understanding. Guided self-reflection has helped me to find the memories of my life that have created who I am today. With practice, by using the tools provided by my counselor, I have learned how to manage my bouts of anxiety, self-loathing, insomnia, and nightmares. At 60 years of age, I have finally learned to take control of my emotions and take back my life. People to People Counseling Services can help you do the same.” – Client


“Leslie is the best!” – Client


“Cherry is an extraordinary counselor that listens with kindness and is eager to help and give real advise and help. I am learning and growing in my understanding of myself and life’s situations.
Nancy at the front desk helped to match me with her and she is always so personal and kind when I leave and come.” – Client


“I feel more comfortable and able to speak my mind with People to People. I feel more relaxed and not pressured to say the ‘right’ thing.” – Client


“People 2 People is amazing in every way. They have the kindest staff! Lizzie was a perfect match from day one & I have made tremendous progress within the short amount of time I’ve been seeing her. I would highly recommend her personally and People to People in general.” – Client

“Bro I liked it here. I really liked Juni too.” – Client / “This is the 6th therapist she has seen, but the first one that has taken her from beginning to successful closing. That means a lot.” – Client’s Mother


“Leslie has been wonderful these past 5 years. Always welcoming and ready to listen and help with any issues I have. I have learned many coping skills and have healed over the course of our time together. I would recommend People to People to anyone looking for help with mental health issues.” – Client


“I made excellent progress during my time in treatment. I feel I made more progress this time than in the past.” – Client


“It’s great knowing that staff are always present and having a dog on site makes me feel safer.” – Client

“People to People has helped me a lot. I’ve been coming here since April & they helped. I am doing a lot better, talking about my feelings and its helping me with the loss of my mom. They are really a good place to come to if you need counseling.” – Client


“love the skills and certification Jen provides” – Client


“Having someone to talk to, with an unbiased perspective, has been life changing.” – Client