Community Psychiatric Support Treatment

Once our therapists have identified your needs and goals, you will also have access to our Community Psychiatric Support Treatment (CPST) services, which help you to enrich your life with the techniques you learn and breakthroughs you make in your therapy sessions. CPST provides services in your home and community that support and enhance the strides you make with your therapist.

Sometimes, your therapist will task you with accomplishing certain things throughout the week – i.e., homework – and your CPST worker will help you to meet those goals. These can pertain to living skills, such as making a home budget, or pertain to your mental health goals, such as overcoming a personal barrier.

Your CPST worker will:

  • Help you identify your real-world needs and develop daily living skills;
  • Assist in monitoring your symptoms;
  • Give you access to systems that support your recovery;
  • Advocate for you and your family, if needed;
  • Help you find housing, education and employment;
  • Teach you about available medical services, such as Medicaid or medical transport.

CPST is generally provided once per week, but can be arranged for more or fewer sessions, depending on your needs.

To qualify for the above services, you must:

  • Schedule an appointment with People-to-People;
  • Complete all necessary paperwork;
  • Be able to pay an agreed-upon fee for this service, if there is one.